The One World Church


In order to avoid confusion, I am creating a list of my personal beliefs. Remember, belief is like faith, and faith and fear are the exact same thing. They are both a belief that something we cannot see will happen. Jesus proclaimed that men will be known by the seen and unseen actions that they produce in life. Men preaching anything but love are not in the will of God. We all have good and bad in us. Striving for good is what we need to do as Christians. 

•What do I believe?

I believe in A Trinity of Gods. Together, these three separate Gods share a common purpose and vision together.  Their divine plan of salvation is for all.

•Do I believe that all sins must be confessed?

Living a good life is most important. Don't believe that only "believers" get into Heaven. Don't underestimate God. I believe that men tend to make God out to be small like they are. Violence, abandoning our neighbors, preaching hatred from the pulpit, these are things that God is more concerned about. The answer is no, I do not believe all sins must be confessed.

•Is it ever right to feel hate for an enemy?

Again, does God love all His enemies in the Bible? In one story He opened up the ground and swallowed an entire city in burning flames. Did He love those people? Sodom and Gomorrah cannot even be found––possibly being destroyed by an asteroid that exploded above it in the atmosphere! As long as your hatred is not prompting you to do something illegal, try and realize that hate can hurt the person if you strike at him or her, but mostly, hate only hurts you. Hate is like carrying a bag of bricks around. Jesus hated the Pharisees and rebuked them publicly. God gave us our emotions. That's where they come from. We feel hatred at times because people have hurt us. It's natural to feel  hatred for people who have wounded us, but if at all possible, forgiving is the best thing for us all. God hates that's why we hate. The answer to the question is yes, it's o.k. to hate your enemy, but don't let it destroy you in the process. God doesn't love everyone, and if someone is teaching you that, they're just denying the truth.

•Do you believe that homosexuals have the right to marry?

The law says yes. I think all people have the right to dignity, love, and peace in this short life. 

•Is revenge compatible with Christianity?

Christ taught forgiveness. Revenge is a contradiction to forgiveness. In the gospel of Luke chapter 6:37, Jesus teaches that if you forgive you will be forgiven. I can't forgive some people in my life, and that is something I personally have to live with daily. I hope to be able to forgive them some day.

•Do you believe in the death penalty?

Yes, I do; absolutely, but I think all prisoners should be treated with respect and with dignity. Torturing people in jail only makes things worse. There are over 240,000 men, women, and children in American jails today. That is obscene! America has the highest incarceration rate with the lowest rehabilitation rate. Treating men like animals solves nothing. 

•Should members of the church be required to make tithes?

The Bible says yes, but I don't agree with everything the Bible says. No. Dictating people's behavior is generally not a good idea. While individual churches should be self-supporting, its members should be made aware of any repercussions (good or bad) tithing or the lack of tithing may be doing to that individual churches stability, but The Holy Bible encourages us to tithe. My opinion is no; however the consequences to not supporting your church may mean a struggling ministry.

•Do you believe in a strict interpretation of the events outlined in the bible, or do you believe that they are open for interpretation? 

God's Word is alive. It's ever changing like we are, but it remains the same, as we do. We must not convolute it with closed minds and say that it is only for a specific generation. God's Word grows if allowed freedom, unfortunately, freedom is the one thing ALL governments want to take from us. If we were to take every word literally, there would be people picking up rocks and killing each other in the schools, in the streets, in Starbucks for that matter! Stagnating God's Word is not what it was intended for. Keeping it prisoner by saying every word is meant for every generation is wrong. The Word kills; the Spirit gives life! So, no, I do not.

•Do the commandments of the Bible need to be modified  to accommodate for technology and more contemporary age in society?

If your child is dying, it would be not only unethical but illegal to deny that child medical attention because you are believing God for a miracle. There's nothing common about sense, but a spirit of discernment is something that should be prayed for if you are uncertain of your allegiance to the Word of God. Use some sense. No, the commandments cannot be modified; however, blindly following them to the letter if you're actions are illegal is not what God wants. We should obey the law no matter how insane it may seem.

•Should unmarried women be allowed to act as ministers?

Yes, in my opinion, and yes is what the law says.

•Should I stay in a church that teaches that homosexuals are evil using the excuse that they "Hate the sin, not the sinner?" 

Luke 17:34 says that "I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. Any church teaching hatred will never have many young people attending, because most of today's youth will not tolerate hatred. Do you think Jesus would? Does anyone remember love?

•Should I leave a church if it is teaching that the earth is 6,000 years old? 

No, but you should only trust God. No matter how wrong a church is–meaning a churches intentions, they believe that they are right! As we all do. One day, truth will be realized and not pursued.

God Bless You,
Pastor Stone